Thermal Engineering & Development Co., Ltd.




To supply the system to be just fit to the request of the customer,it is achieved by the flexible response.

In our company, without providing the department such as sales planning, research & development in particular, our staff in design technology department visit to the customer’s site to seek and pump the real need by him, to propose and develop the most appropriate system for the customer.
Because our designers are closely involved in the business standpoint with our customers, it is possible to develop the system which the customer wants on the job, and also can respond to problems and accidents flexibly in the field.
In Osaka factory, where is the core of the manufacturing, we manufacture the large size dryer from the steel plate using the laser cut and brake machine. And it is welded by semiautomatic and Argon welder, painted in the paint booth, and assembled in the clean room. In addition, while ties up with external network, we can provide reliable products with better cost performance.
As an important factor that we can receive the repeat orders from our many customers, we are confident that each and every employee of our company engages in the business with total perspective starting from research & development, design and manufacturing. To supply the system and the products to be admitted to our customers, it is our strategy and philosophy for design.


  • Design and manufacture of the dryer of converting machine
  • Installation of converting machine and design and construction of ancillary works
  • Design and manufacture of combustion oxidizer (direct flame type, catalytic type)
  • Design and manufacture of various types of hot air generator
  • Design and construction of multipurpose laboratory, such as electromagnetic wave shield room, aging room, clean room, environmental test chamber and constant temperature and humidity room
  • Design and construction of energy saving system for the paper machine
  • Systemize of the solution for energy saving of each job above (FA • CIM, etc.)
  • Development and sale of the systems by new technologies