Thermal Engineering & Development Co., Ltd.



Environmental test chamber

We supply environmental test chamber made of panels to use for quality and endurance test of product. It can recreate a various environmental conditions.
The big advantages of our test chamber are energy saving design, order made design meet to the needs of customers and easy operation.
Also, we propose multi-purpose test chamber combining the functions such as electromagnetic shielding, sound insulation and sound absorption, clean, deodorizing and drying.
Moreover, we provide unique system for inline aging carrier system and built-in aging storage system, using low cost gas-fired air generator.
We have experience to control wide range temperature from -70degC up to +150degC, and, for example, 200degC range control from -50degC to 150degC in the same chamber.

Environmental test chamber connected with common exhaust gas header

Our environmental test chamber can be operated with advanced program such as power voltage and frequency control. It works at -70degC up to +150degC.

Medicine development support system

In recent years, for the pharmaceutical makers and the research institutes, it is the urgent and important theme how to develop new medicine efficiently. Many support systems to improve the matter of development of new medicine have been installed.
Our company has been taking many deliveries and installations of refrigerate storage system as a part of new medicine development process.
The system is required absolute reliability because of storing tens of millions of chemical compound sample, and we provide the system to maintain the storage temperature same even in the case of black out or accident by failure of device.

Inline aging system for LCD

This is fully automatic inline aging system for large LCD panel. We can offer unique design satisfied to the needs of large size.

Vertical rotation type aging system

This is vertical rotation type aging system suitable to small size LCD panel which has advantage for number of storage LCD panel per installation space of system. We also have many experiences of conventional horizontal rotation type aging system.

Constant temperature and humidity room

This room keeps the certain temperature and humidity conditions.
The system in right picture shows temperature controlled room for 3D measuring instrument, where designed to bring large object into the room by factory traveling crane. Our system is also equipped with vertical and horizontal continuous pulling shutter by our own technology.

Clean room

The picture is clean room for assembling of linear accelerator in class 4 ISO standard clean level, using our own designed extendible type panels suitable for future expansion of the space.

Free access type suction floor

It is common to use air blow system from ceiling for high performance environmental test chamber and clean room, and it is a few to use entire floor surface suction system due to its expensive cost. We can provide inexpensive suction floor by using specially designed floor panel.