Thermal Engineering & Development Co., Ltd.



Company policy

The best solution by the new techonology,
and For the human life in the globe.

Various systems operated in any environment.
For example, the environmental matter is getting big concern for the industry, which breaks out exhaust gas containing harmful substances emitted. Environmental protection and energy saving are the matter which must be solved urgently by human.
Thermal engineering to constitute the comfortable environment where the air, the heat and the environment are harmonized.
Based on those technologies, we would continue to research and development of the system closest to the request of the customer.
By the most efficient engineering, adopting independent products, we always supply the custom made system with the best quality which customers demand.
Using the technology to increase the value for a human life and the technology to enrich the environment viewing from the point of the future, we will continue to propose the most suitable idea and systems to the customer.

Environment code of conduct

  • We provide the systems to our customer’s always considering global environmental protection and energy conservation.
  • We will strive to design always to reduce and recycle waste.
  • We always consider the environment, using the renewable energy in the manufacturing process.

Quality maintenance standard of conduct

  • We develop all of our systems closely working with the customer’s needs and satisfaction and for use with reliability and confidence.
  • Every employee continuously works to maintain the quality of the systems and to offer service and timely response to any issues.