Thermal Engineering & Development Co., Ltd.



Privacy Policy

Thermal Engineering & Development Co., Ltd. will insure the protection and proper use of any information given to us by our prospective customers, according to our privacy policy set forth below.

Management of information

We will assign and identify the person, or person’s, in our Company who will be responsible for the privacy of the information, and also our customer’s representative(s) who will handle and be responsible for any of the personal, or any information considered proprietary, that is exchanged throughout.

Collection of information

We may require additional process and company information, beyond initial specifications given to us, to properly handle any inquiry for equipment or service requested from our company. In order to insure proper and timely communication with our customers, we will also ask for contact information, such as name, detailed addresses, phone numbers, and contact e-mail addresses.

Stated Purpose of the information

We will only use any contact, company, or process information given to us to assist us in the offering of service and equipment as requested by the customer. For any other purposes, we will contact the customer with a request and for permission to use it.

The general purpose and use of any collected information will be to allow us:

  1. To answer all inquiries from the customer in a timely and proper fashion.
  2. To offer a survey of any existing equipment, design, and operation for the proper understanding of the process.
  3. To monitor and survey the proper and intended use of any system installed by our company and offer assistance or service as required.
  4. To provide monitor and inspection of environmental conditions and equipment.
  5. To provide follow up on installations and operation and offer additional information such as spare part requirements and maintenance recommendations.

Protection of personal information

To protect and handle the personal information properly, we will keep our effort to secure and enhance the security. In addition, we respect compliance with other standards and relevant laws, and we strive continuously keep our efforts to improve the security of the personal information.